Ahead of the Apple Watch, Smartwatch Makers are Learning to put Fashion First

  • Friday, 6 Mar 2015
  • Samantha Murphy Kelly

The race to land coveted real estate on your wrist continued in full force this week at Mobile World Congress as both small and large tech companies released an onslaught of smartwatches…

Iconic fashion brands like GUESS also displayed connected watches this week. Launching later this year, GUESS Connect — powered by Martian — will offer a solid set of features, like voice command and phone call functionality, music control and calendar updates pushed to the touchscreen.

It also promises up to five days of battery life — four more days than what the Apple Watch is rumored to have — and works with both iOS and Android, so it doesn’t alienate consumers or require them to be on just one platform, like Apple’s iOS-only watch.


Another selling point for GUESS is that it doesn’t need to convince anyone that its watch is a fashion item because as a longtime expert in creating watches, it naturally excels as one. It's already a fashion brand.

GUESS’ sudden interest in tech is a part of a larger effort from traditional watchmakers like Swatch and Fossil (which builds watches for brands like Michael Kors and Armani) trying to capitalize on the trend. The reasoning makes perfect sense: watchmakers who were once worried that the smartphone was phasing out traditional watches now have an opportunity to create fashion pieces in a way that tech companies aren’t used to doing.

Source: Mashable.com

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